New Hand Cannon Scorestreak in Call of Duty Warzone is more powerful in its futuristic Season 4

The latest Black Ops Cold War Hand Cannon scorestreak is a powerful Desert Eagle that absolutely levels enemies and vehicles. The new scorestreak was added just ahead of Black Ops Cold War Season 4, and it seems poised to take the top spot in the Scorestreak meta.

The Hand Cannon is unlocked at a scorestreak of 2800, which places it midway through the scorestreak list in terms of requirement.  Unlocking it will give you a ten-shot magazine that can one-tap enemies so easily, players are already taking to Reddit to show it off.

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But it’s not just capable of single-shot kills of human enemies – it can also easily take down enemy vehicles like attack choppers and other scorestreaks. One Reddit user posted a video of the Hand Cannon taking out an attack helicopter in just two shots.

For reference, it takes more shots with a missile launcher to blow up an attack helicopter. The same video also shows the Hand Cannon easily take out a care package carrier, so this thing packs some serious heat.

Recently, a Reddit user who posted a video of their slick ten pieces with the Hand Cannon writes, “Not going to lie, was really fun to pull this off, but didn’t feel very fair either.” Considering how OP this Hand Cannon is, I wouldn’t be surprised if a nerf comes down the pipe sooner rather than later. Since the Hand Cannon counts towards a regular killstreak, it’ll make getting a Tactical Nuke a helluva lot easier – until it gets nerfed, that is.

Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 just kicked off today, June 17, so expect a lot of meta shifting and gun adjustments in the upcoming weeks. Right now, there’s a new Dirt Bike available on Verdansk, which can support two players at once.

And Roze’s Rook skin has finally changed so that it’s more visible, hopefully, that means fewer kills from a Roze camping in the corner of a dimly lit house. There’s a lot to enjoy in the new Black Ops Cold War Season 4, and the new Hand Cannon is certainly one of them.

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