Have you tried the Scout feature in OnePlus Shelf?

Have you tried the Scout feature in OnePlus Shelf?

OnePlus Shelf is a thoughtful tool on the OnePlus smartphone, and alongside, it brings a unique Scout feature. Although, the Shelf tool has arrived quite long before. Yet, the company has enhanced its function with every new update.


So let’s understand this feature in more detail…

OnePlus Shelf: Scout Feature

The shelf tool generally serves as a page over the OnePlus smartphone’s home screen. It enables you to write new notes, add widgets, have quick access to the most-used applications, a peek at the weather app, and more.

However, if we talk about the Scout feature, then it is a perfect tool to amplify the Shelf experience. Consequently, the feature helps to add or remove widgets easily from the home screen. Besides, you can also adjust the size of the widgets according to your preferences. You can further, optimize the layout of the Shelf and view the key information at a glance.

Have you tried the Scout feature in OnePlus Shelf?

How to enable the OnePlus Shelf?

You can simply swipe down from the upper-right edge of the screen to enter the OnePlus Shelf. Although, according to some new models, the company might have changed the enabling pattern of the function. In that case, you can follow the given steps:

  • Long press anywhere on the screen
  • Click on the Customize tab
  • Tap on the Enable Shelf option

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