Here are major pros and cons of OxygenOS 13 update in OnePlus 8 series

Here are major pros and cons of OxygenOS 13 update on OnePlus 8 series

OnePlus has distributed the latest OxygenOS 13 to several users in recent days. Alongside the flagship models, the company has also given the benefits of the dynamic software upgrade to the mid-rangers of the phone family. And today we are up with some significant pros and cons of the OxygenOS 13 update in the OnePlus 8 series.

A user comes up with a few notable points after installing the OxygenOS 13 update to its OnePlus 8T device. Accordingly, the phone owner mentioned a handful of positive as well as negative tweaks that he observed in the giant software upgrade. Consequently, it looks like OxygenOS 13 plays a good enough role in enhancing the overall user experience of the device.

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To begin with, the user appreciates the UI enhancements and performance efficiency of OxygenOS 13. The accessibility of notification shade and the responsiveness of the system applications are worth praising. Further, the new revamped Sidebar and flexible windows give more options to operate the home screen easily.

OxygenOS 13 Pros
  • System apps are beautifully designed! The clock app has never looked so good and these tiles are very helpful to distinguish content
  • Quite smooth features and functions.
  • Unlock speed and reliability of fingerprint is so much better than before
  • The notification center is better accessible due to larger elements, and the options to select Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks straight from there are quite convenient
  • Smart Sidebar is better than I thought, the same for flexible windows
  • The battery in Wi-Fi mode is really good

However, every firmware lands on the consumer’s device with some bugs and degrades. And so is the case with the OxygenOS 13 update for the OnePlus smartphones. Adding more to the observation list, the users define how OxygenOS 13 has shown some demerits in the device’s system.

Here are major pros and cons of OxygenOS 13 update on OnePlus 8 seriesOxygenOS 13 Cons
  • Still, the ColorOS launcher lacks customization options
  • The transparent effect in the drawer is ugly
  • The app drawer is still trashy, not able to close it via a swipe-down gesture, no customizations either
  • The blurry and Transparent notification center is not dark in the dark mode
  • Larger folders are not aligned properly
  • Normal folders with three columns look just as strange as the 4 column drawer

While the merits and demerits are mainly related to the 8T model, many users said that they experienced similar OxygenOS 13 update conditions with the other OnePlus 8 series handsets.

It’s worth mentioning that not every OnePlus device with OxygenOS 13 is stuck with issues. Consequently, the software has shown many effective features that have given a boost to the entire device mechanism. Yet, the company needs to work a little more with the defects of the respective firmware to some more extent.


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