Here’s how Big folders works on Xiaomi MIUI 14

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Big folders

The Xiaomi MIUI 14 comes with a variety of significant enhancements, including big folders. These big folders will allow you to open an application without needing to open the folder first. This reduces the number of steps taken to launch an app.

Folders are the type of organizer that puts your various applications in one place and you can launch when you need to operate one. With MIUI 14, Xiaomi has designed the big folders in a way that could make your work more efficient and innovative.

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It also makes your home screen look more pristine and keen. After the launch of Xiaomi’s latest custom skin, the Chinese tech giant offers you three folder options including regular, enlarged, and XXL.

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Regular – These are the standard folders that are available on every smartphone, it contains different apps in one folder and you can use them easily.

Enlarged – These are the big folders that Xiaomi has brought with MIUI 14, it helps you open the app directly with just a single tap. You will not need to open the folder first to launch any particular application. You can put any three apps to the highlights which you use most in your daily life.

XXL – The XXL folder is the best, it can include several applications and you can use them directly without opening the whole folder. It makes your task more efficient and less time-consuming.

How to add Big folders

Now let’s learn how you can add a big folder to your home screen. Long press the folder on your home screen, then tap on the edit folder option. Here you will see three options, including Regular, Enlarged, and XXL, select the enlarged option, which is given in the center, and click on the right tick and you are ready to go.

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