Here’s rundown of all of the PlayStation VR games that Sony release for windows

Sony has announced the details of seven titles on its way to the PlayStation VR through its PSVR Spotlight series. These details range from the full revelation of a new game to an update to a previously announced game for its virtual reality system. Here is a discount on all PSVR news shared by Sony today.

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Arashi: Castles of Sin

Sony announced a brand new VR stealth game called Arashi: Castles of Sin. In this sandbox-action game, players control Kenshiro, a shinobi who must use weapons and the environment to defeat enemies in a myriad of different ways. It’s scheduled to launch this summer.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey

The VR take on the classic puzzle game series, Puzzle Bobble is also coming to PS VR. Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is already available on Oculus Quest, but is now making its way to PlayStation later this year.

Wind and Leaves

The previously revealed Wind and Leaves is a world-builder that was made specifically for the PS VR that gives players the task of exploring the world and using mother nature to rebuild it. It is confirmed for release on July 27.

After the Fall

The four-player co-op first-person-shooter After the Fall is coming to PS VR with full cross-platform multiplayer. Though no release date is set, it is still stated to be released in 2021.


Fracked is a highly anticipated VR shooter that was previously announced for PS VR. During the VR Spotlight, developer nDreams showed off an extended gameplay reveal. The trailer emphasizes freeform movement and a variety of weapons. Fracked is currently scheduled for a summer release.


The time-traveling puzzle-action-adventure game Wanderer is coming to PS VR. Wanderer gives players the ability to jump through different major historical events in order to right different wrongs while finding their way home. It is releasing in Q3 of 2021.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is another highly anticipated virtual reality game on its way to PS VR. The virtual reality stealth-action FPS spin-off of the Sniper Elite series has been slated for a July 8 release.

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