Here’s the official ban notice of PUBG Mobile on Anti Hack which bans over 1.1 million accounts

KRAFTON, the parent company of PUBG Mobile, got success as it has recently launched this game in India called “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. At the same time, the company announced that the pre-registration will start on May 18 for Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, the developer of PUBG Mobile permanently suspended 1,150,483 accounts across the globe from May 14 to May 20th. To focus on zero tolerance for cheaters across the game including the action for both cheaters and cheat providers.


PUBG Mobile developers conduct their efforts to identify and resolve fraudulent providers at the source of unauthorized third-party software for hacking.

The majority of reasons includes:

  • X-Ray Vision
  • Cross mark Auto-Aim Hacks
  • Cross mark Speed Hacks/Modification of Area Damage

These are the accounts that are banned permanently:

  • Bronze: 33%
  • Silver: 11%
  • Gold: 8%
  • Platinum:10%
  • Diamond: 13%
  • Crown: 14%
  • Ace: 10%
  • Conqueror: 1%

The majority of reason Banned Cheats:

  • Modification of Area Damage: 15%
  • Speed Hacks: 17%
  • Modification of Character Model: 9%
  • X-Ray Vision: 8%
  • Auto-Aim Hacks: 11%
  • Others: 40%

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