Honor Magic X folding-screen phone will be launched in Q2 2021

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According to Tencent’s “First Line”, people familiar with the matter revealed that Honor Mobile will release its first folding screen mobile phone in the second half of this year, named Honor Magic X, and the screen supplier is Visionox.

Honor basically imitates the previous practices of Huawei smartphones, so there will also be folding screen products in the Magic series, Honor insiders said that they are all planning.


Visionox previously issued an announcement stating that they signed the “Master Purchase Agreement” with Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Honor Terminal on December 15, 2020, to supply flexible displays and touch screens to Honor.

For laminated components, the order includes a tax amount of 407 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that the previous tipster revealed that the Honor Magic X series is a folding screen mobile phone product that is tentatively scheduled to be released in the middle of the year.

Now it seems that it has been delayed a little longer, considering that Affected by supply, the industry has been delayed in recent times, which is reasonable.

A tipster also said that the Honor Magic series is positioned as a super flagship and will be benchmarked against the Huawei Mate series. By then, it will have products in different directions like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and watches, and Magic will also have different series.

Additionally, through the glory CEO Zhao, stated in an interview, the glory as rivals Apple Samsung Huawei glory will launch ultra-high-end flagship Magic series this year, the future will go beyond Magic and Huawei Mate P.

Judging from the roadmap announced by Honor, the Honor folding screen model is supposed to be launched in July or October/November, but it may also be unveiled around the beginning of June.


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