How to enable Screen color mode on your OxygenOS 13 OnePlus phone

OxygenOS 13 Screen Color Mode

The OxygenOS 13 have a surprise bag of new feature and one of them is Screen color mode for the OnePlus phone users. As per the main highlight of OxygenOS 13 the Aquamorphic design offer number of theme colors and animation for the users similarly this is a visual comfort feature for the eye, let’s explore more.

The Screen color mode is introduced with the OxygenOS 13 update to provide users with an eye visual color besides the eye-comfort mode. After enabling the eye comfort mode, a sudden change in display color is not short catchable for the eye and we start blinking.

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But if you don’t like to enable the eye comfort mode on your OnePlus phone, then you have another option to turn your devices wisely and operate your favorable color on the display thanks to OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Screen color mode.

OxygenOS 13 Screen Color Mode

This feature offers you two normal modes of color including:

  • Vivid: A vibrant color display
  • Natural: Softer colors. Supports color management

And a pro mode that offers two pro options which are:

  • Cinematic: Use display P3 mode for a more faithful color
  • Brilliant: Use the widest color gamut for a brighter color

I personally think, in the Screen color mode you can change or optimize the color temperature from cool to warm, is just wow. If you slide the toggle toward the left then it turns the screen color to a cool temperature. On the other hand, if you scroll the toggle to wards right then it turns the temperature to warm.

It just wow an eye-friendly color effect and help you to deliver visual comfort and natural and vivid animation to give a better user experience with the OnePlus phone.

  • To enable it Open the Settings app
  • Click on Display and Brightness

  • Find the Screen color mode, click to open it

  • Here you will find all those above-mentioned modes and color displays, just access them one after another and choose your favorite.

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