How to rollback your OnePlus 10T smartphone to Android 12 [Link]

How to rollback your OnePlus 10T smartphone to Android 12 [Link]

OxygenOS 13 stable update is now available to all the OnePlus 10T phone users across the world. The latest operating system welcomes a variety of features and tools for the respective smartphones. Yet many users are jabbed with some or the other issues after the OxygenOS 13 installation and looking to rollback their OnePlus 10T to Android 12 firmware.

Hence, we are here with the downgrade links and a few useful instructions that will help you to retain the previous upgrade. Eventually, this rollback procedure will take you back to the Android 12 operating system and will avoid the encounter of new issues that you are dealing with at the moment.

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In the past few days, we observed many users asking for the rollback to Android 12 for their OnePlus 10T smartphones due to troubling bugs and issues. Thus, here we brought the escape channel which is only accessible for the OnePlus 10T models.

Before heading toward the downgrade procedure, ensure to take a complete backup of your OnePlus 10T smartphone. Further, check that the battery level is above 30% and the phone storage is more than 5.5GB. Below are the OnePlus 10T rollback links for different regions.

How to rollback your OnePlus 10T smartphone to Android 12 [Link]OnePlus 10T Android 12 Rollback Guide:

  • Download the ROM rollback zip package from the specified server
  • Copy the rollback package to the phone storage
  • Go to Settings > About Device > Version
  • Click the build number 7 times and enter the password
  • Now you are in the developer mode
  • Go back to Settings > About Device > Up to Date
  • Click the top-right button > Local Install
  • Click on the corresponding rollback package > Extract > Upgrade > System upgrade completed to 100%
  • After the rollback is complete, click Restart
  • Rollback Successful

Note: We do not recommend any rollbacks for OnePlus smartphones as it could harm users’ data and devices. Hence, attempt the rollback at your own risk.

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