Huawei again wins the China Mobile bid, second largest 5G order of 2021

Huawei chipset

Huawei has again won the China Mobile bid as the second largest project of the year. The maximum bid limit set by China Mobile for the equipment part of this bidding is 6.737 billion yuan, and the maximum bid limit for the edge UPF part is 798.7 million yuan, which adds up to a maximum bid limit of more than 7.5 billion yuan. That is to say, Huawei’s equipment quotation is equivalent to the top quotation.

The main reason for this offer is the lack of competitors. This time China Mobile limited two vendors to win the bid. Anyway, either Huawei or ZTE won the bid, and the two parties are only competing for the first share.


Huawei’s win for this contract was really easy, as China Mobile only chose to go with two vendors – Huawei and ZTE. Both of these parties have been fighting for the first spot share.

Both parties have guessed that Huawei must take the most share and ZTE is second. Therefore, the two sides will form a tacit understanding and do not need to compete at low prices. This is a rare phenomenon between the two telecom equipment makers, mainly because the bidding is set in favor of the two companies.

(Via- HuaweiCentral)

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