Huawei launched new Tiantong mobile router

On August 31, 2021, Huawei revealed a new mobile router in collaboration with Tiantong. This new mobile router will be available for purchase in China from September 1, 2021. According to the information, this router comes with a compact and carry-to-carry size along with multiple data offers and high-speed data.

Huawei Mobile Router:

Huawei Mobile Router Tiantong Edition offers up to 2000GB of data per month with unlimited high-speed connections within the limits of the package. Traffic Card is an IoT card developed in collaboration with Tiantong and China Unicom.

However, it does not support call and SMS functions and can only be used on Huawei mobile router devices. WiFi connection will be available only when there is electricity. It can offer up to 150 Mbps of the highest download speed and supports the 4G networks of China Mobile, Unicom, and Telecom 4G.

Huawei Mobile Router Tiantong Edition

To set up this router, users need to follow some simple instructions. Simply plug in the Nano-SIM card and turn on the power and complete the set with 2 step configuration. It is very easy and quick to turn on WiFi Hotspot and it can support many types of SIM cards such as mobile phone SIM cards, Internet of Things cards, data cards, and more.

In addition, the router supports both mobile and wired networks. It has SIM card plug-in internet access and wired broadband access. It also comes with another tricky feature that can be turned on automatically when the network is disconnected. Once the network is back on, it can also switch back.

Pricing Details:

This brand new Huawei mobile router is priced at 349 yuan. Its monthly package can be bought at 99 yuan, while the annual package will cost 599 yuan. This router will be available for sale from September 01 in China.

However, there are routers products that Huawei is working on and provide better connectivity for the users.

(Via: HC Newsroom)

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