Have you noticed these changes in OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13 March 2023 update?

OnePlus 10 Pro March 2023 update changes

A few days ago, OnePlus began sending the OxygenOS 13 March 2023 software update for the high-end OnePlus 10 Pro in India and installed some of the most significant changes to keep the device running effectively.

In the subsequent days, we noted that many of the OnePlus 10 Pro models got this firmware. While the changelog reads only the presence of an updated security patch and a few fixes, the latest version credits a handful of hidden perks to improve the overall performance.

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To begin with, a corresponding phone user recently shared a new thread in the community forum. As per the facts, the post defines what new changes and improvements the OnePlus 10 Pro March 2023 security update brings to the surface.

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Consequently, the story begins with the Wallpaper subject. As per the information, the OnePlus 10 Pro user found the addition of the Wallpaper Colors option after installing the new update. The user further says that this alternative was not present previously.

OnePlus 10 Pro March 2023 update changes

Alongside, the device owner shared the screenshot of the colors page, showing the “Wallpaper Colors” option. For your info, the respective page used to show the points such as “Custom” and “Wallpaper color picking”.

OnePlus 10 Pro March 2023 update changes

But looks like, the company has renamed the options with some better tweaks and tugs. Additionally, the user penned down the following statement:

“After the new C.29 update, the option of wallpaper colors has been added to the Colors section, which wasn’t previously there before. It came via OTA for me. Will come for you as well. And maybe yeah, they renamed and rearranged it which is the reason it seemed new.”

On the flip side, the March 2023 update optimizes the functioning of the device. It also makes the handset more stable for daily operations. However, the battery segment doesn’t show many improvements for the moment. But we anticipate that the tech maker will soon initiate the topic in upcoming OxygenOS updates.

So OnePlus 10 Pro users! Have you received and installed the latest March 2023 update for your phone? What changes have you noticed so far? Let us know in the comment section.

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