Breaking: iQOO 7 Android 12 beta registration begins ahead of Google I/O

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer iQOO launched iQOO 7 in China in January. The smartphone made its debut on OriginOS based on Android 11. Four months after the release, the company has begun recruiting Android 12 beta testers.

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One month after the announcement of iQOO 7, Google released the first Android 12 developer preview. The search giant is expected to announce the Android 12 Beta plan at Google I/O 2021 next week. Prior to this, iQOO has opened up the registration of the iQOO 7 Android 12 Beta program in China.

Users need to fill out a questionnaire to register. Those who score high in the questionnaire will be eligible for the early adopter experience (the same score will be first come first served in the order of registration), and the list of entries will be announced on May 20.

Activity Rules

  • Users who have obtained the experience qualification must strictly abide by the “Android 12 Beta Trial Agreement” during the experience trial use process, otherwise the experience trial privilege will be permanently cancelled and legal responsibility will be pursued;
  • The official has the right to know the user’s trial situation of the Android 12 Beta version at any time, and the developers and cool guests should timely cooperate with the official to feedback relevant information;
  • Problems encountered during the experience are limited to communication within the user experience group, and posting on other social network platforms is prohibited without permission;
  • Users are not allowed to transfer the Android 12 Beta software package, otherwise the official has the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities;
  • Users must strictly abide by the rules and schedules of the event to participate in the event and must experience the Android 12 Beta version objectively, truthfully, and faithfully to the nature of the UI;
  • Users who violate the above activity rules will permanently cancel the trial privileges and be held legally responsible. iQOO officials have the right to adjust and interpret the activity rules.

Upgrade Notes

  • After upgrading the system, please enter the vivo app store to update all apps to the latest version.
  • Please upgrade in a Wi-Fi network environment to avoid consuming too much data; at the same time, the update takes a long time, please wait patiently until the upgrade is completed, and do not perform other operations in the middle.
  • Developers need to back up their data. When upgrading to the Android 12 Beta version, they need to clear the phone data. The phone can use cloud service backup or use the vivo assistant to back up.

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