Is it possible to download HarmonyOS for smartphones?


HarmonyOS is an operating system that is designed to rule over the era of the internet of everything. However, its excitement among the Huawei smartphone owner is way more than it reflects on the ground. Our readers have the same enthusiasm and keep asking us – How to download HarmonyOS for my smartphone? It’s a pretty good question and we’ll be going to give you a suitable answer as well as some tips.

How to download HarmonyOS:

Despite the simplicity of this question, the complicated behavior of the answer is very doubtful. In simple words, HarmonyOS for smartphones is currently and only available for the eligible Chinese Huawei models. On the other hand, Huawei has not made any announcement on this matter that suggests a potential global launch date.

So, if you want to download HarmonyOS on your smartphone then you must own a Chinese model of the corresponding eligible device. On the other hand, there’s no way you can download the ROM of this software on your smart device. If so, we won’t recommend you to download and install any third-party HarmonyOS ROM on your global Huawei phone because we haven’t confirmed this or it could potentially be full of bugs and issues.

Furthermore, a third-party ROM may brick your smartphone to the bitter end and make it usable in the current state of compatibility-related issues. Is there any way to download the HarmonyOS ROM officially, not until you have a HarmonyOS Developer account, which is quite complicated to register in the current scenario if you aren’t a Chinese citizen?

HarmonyOS for smartphones:

Launched on June 2, 2021, HarmonyOS comes with a number of new features including the control panel that works as an all in one service center, service widgets for instant access towards on the go information, app guard, super devices that make the smartphone an all in one IoT controller, a refreshing user interface and more.

Since its official launch, HarmonyOS 2.0 continues to remain popular among Chinese consumers. As of September 23, Huawei confirmed that this operating system has been installed on over 120 million devices, which is a big landmark achievement.

However, any achievement without the participation of the global Huawei user will remain incomplete but the company might be working on the background to bring us something important in the foreground, which may take some time to appear.

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