OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services

Is OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services a good take on privacy?

OnePlus has baked OxygenOS 13.1 with several interesting and valuable features, and one of them is the Enhanced Intelligent Services. While the term sounds quite progressive, it has raised numerous questions about users’ security and privacy in recent days. What are these questions? Let’s find out.

What is Enhanced Intelligent Services?

This feature lies in the System Services section and purposes to improve the user experience by optimizing functions based on how you use your devices. Eventually, it brings you smart changes in terms of operating your handset and makes task completion easier and more convenient.

But here comes the twist. For doing so, the OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services collect some major information from your smartphone. This includes device details, app usage statistics, location inputs, calendar events, statistics about unread SMS and missed calls, internet connection, and more.

A primary reason behind gathering these details is to deliver charging optimization, wallpapers, and other personalization features. But, do these aspects really require your personal data to offer you the utmost experience?

OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services

Another significant point is, this feature is turned on by default on your OnePlus smartphone. Being an optimization feature, the company would have enabled it to offer an improved experience to its users. Yet, it should be the users’ choice, or at least in the knowledge that such a feature resides in the device.

This is a hot topic of discussion among OnePlus fans nowadays. Many users bumped into the community forum asking how far is the feature safe. Also, whether the OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services a good take on privacy? Consequently, the feature is present in the models running Android 13-based versions.

Not only OnePlus but other brands too!

A user aggressively mentioned that the feature is mainly found in every phone that falls under BBK Electronics which belongs to China. To date, we have heard numerous headlines pointing out Chinese brands and their data-pulling activities.

Though a Galaxy S23 Ultra phone user responded to this matter and said that the feature lies in the Samsung phones as well and collects the same data. Hence, it is not related to the privacy or data stealing concept and you can take a breathe of relief. Still, users can turn off this toggle.

OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services

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How to turn off Enhanced Intelligent Services?

In case, you are yet worried about your privacy, you can disable the feature. Just visit the Settings app and select Additional Settings. Now tap on the System Services option and you will see the Enhanced Intelligent Services. Hit the toggle to turn off the functionality.

Meanwhile, participate in the poll given below and let us know what is your opinion on this matter.

Is OxygenOS 13.1 Enhanced Intelligent Services a good take on privacy?

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