Justin Sun offers worth US$ 50 million in Dogecoin to Elon Musk for satellite launch

The founder of Tron and the cryptocurrency of the same name, Justin Sun, offered Elon Musk $ 50 million in Dogecoin to launch a satellite for Tron and BitTorrent.

He published the corresponding appeal on Twitter under the message of Elon Musk that next year the launch of a new lunar satellite will take place, fully paid for using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

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Justin Sun:

I want to pay for SpaceX’s satellite launch services for Tron and BitTorrent. I would be happy to pay off with Dogecoin. Elon Musk, I’m serious. I want to pay $ 50 million in Dogecoin to launch these satellites. Let’s do it!

The SpaceX and Tesla founder has yet to respond to the offer. As a reminder, it was announced this week that the Doge-1 satellite will be sent to the moon in the first quarter, and the launch will be paid for in Dogecoin.


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