Limin released AXP90-X47 push-down CPU cooler, with a height of only 47mm

On April 1st, Limin released the AXP90-X47 push-down CPU cooler with a height of only 47mm. It is suitable for small ITX chassis. It has been pre-sold at a price of 169 yuan (25.71 USD).

This product is equipped with four 6mm AGHP anti-gravity heat pipes that are connected to the radiating fins by a reflow soldering process, which improves the efficiency of the radiator.


The bottom of this radiator is made of precision micro-carved copper bottom, which is electroplated to ensure the flatness of the contact surface. Along with this, the 0.3mm buckle Fin process is used between the radiating fins to ensure stability and durability.

This product is equipped with a fan specially adapted for this radiator, with a maximum speed of 2700RPM, an air volume of 1.33mm H2O, and a maximum noise of 22.4dBA. The radiator is equipped with a universal metal backplate to ensure stability.

The product supports Intel 115X/1200 CPU interface and AMD AM4 interface. The Limin AXP90-X47 radiator will be officially released at 0:00 on April 7.


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