Microsoft patents under-display camera tech, design looks same as its logo

A new patent from Microsoft has revealed a Surface device with four under-display camera sensors and the company’s logo being displayed when these cameras are not in use due to their hidden mechanism.

As per the LetsGoDigital report, Microsoft opened a vacancy for a ‘Principal Android Camera System Architect / Engineer for Surface Development’ back in October 2021.

This is indicative of the company’s aim of improving the camera capabilities of its devices.

At the same time, the brand had also filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) regarding this ‘Logo Camera’ design for a Surface device.

The four cameras in question will be positioned similar to the logo design with each camera having its own color filter.

These four sensors will be placed under the display of the device and are intended for “mobile computing device, such as a Microsoft Surface device.”

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Furthermore, the cameras can display a color icon when the sensor is not in use to display the company’s logo on the front.

So, the device will display the logo by default and switch to the camera when the shutter is activated.

This quad-camera module is set up in a 2 x 2 array and will enable Microsoft to make the product slimmer since multiple sensors would be comprised of thinner modules.

The camera will be capable of offering high-resolution shots and high pixel density by optimizing each sensor for one particular color.

In other words, one sensor will be solely for Blue, while another will be used for Green, Red, and Yellow.

Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t reveal what kind of device the logo camera will be housed in.

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