What do you think of new OxygenOS 13 Sidebar Toolbox floating window?

OxygenOS 13 Sidebar Toolbox

Today, multitasking or multi-window features are very substantial for an Android smartphone with a large display as it lets you view two apps simultaneously on a split screen. For this, the OnePlus OxygenOS 13 brings Sidebar Toolbox floating window that unlocks powerful multitasking features.


OxygenOS 13 Sidebar Toolbox floating window

This sidebar floating window offers you more productivity by making content creation easier, you’ll find exciting new ways to use your apps. This same feature with a different name is available on Samsung One UI software and it is called Edge Panel.

This amazing feature allows users to access app shortcuts, tools, widgets, split-screen features, etc. And you can use simple swipe gestures from almost any screen except for individual purposes. This Sidebar Toolbox floating window unlocks is new for users as it is launched with OxygenOS 13.

OxygenOS 13 Sidebar Toolbox

Looking at this feature, we’ve noticed that it gives the basic idea for users to easily access certain apps effortlessly. In this way, users will open notifications in split-screen mode and motion gestures to launch multiple instances of activities (apps) in split-screen mode.

So when you see the notification, you can long press and drag it to enter split screen mode. Of course, this makes multitasking more powerful. You can switch to split screen mode as soon as you get the notification.

OxygenOS 13 takes a new approach to designing and improving existing features with a focus on new productivity and security features. This new build will probably include all the basic options available in the AOSP version of Android 13.

This latest version of OxygenOS offers a bold new visual UI and has a water-like Aquamorphic Design for a simple and clean visual interface. Every visual element, every step becomes simpler, faster, more intuitive, and more intuitive.

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