Next-gen MacBook Pro appears in Chinese regulatory filing ahead of WWDC21

Apple is expected to launch a new 16-inch MacBook Pro at the WWDC 21 conference. Recently, its battery parameter information was found to appear in a Chinese regulatory document.

It is expected that WWDC21 will be released, and Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 battery information will appear in China’s regulatory documents: a reduction compared to the previous generation

The document was submitted to the regulatory agency by Apple supplier Sunwoda Electronic. Although the document did not directly mention the Apple MacBook Pro, its model number is A2527, which is consistent with other models of Apple products.

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The document shows that the battery has a rated voltage of 11.45Vdc, a rated capacity of 8693 mAh, and a charging limit voltage of 13.05Vdc, which is very close to the current 16-inch MacBook Pro battery, which has a rated capacity and voltage of 8790 mAh/11.36 Vdc.

If the news is accurate, it will mean that the battery capacity of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro will be reduced compared to the previous generation. It may be because the new computer will adopt a flat design and the new M-series chips will also reduce power consumption, so The actual use time may not decrease.

According to previous reports, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to adopt a new design, with a flatter top and bottom, and more ports, including the return of HDMI ports, SD card slot, and MagSafe magnetic power interface.

In addition, the device will also use a mini LED display, and the Touch Bar will be abolished in favor of physical buttons. The Apple WWDC 21 Global Developers Conference will open at 1:00 AM on June 8th, Beijing time. At this conference, Apple is likely to release a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. You can pay attention to it then.


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