Nintendo made some YouTube preview videos about Nintendo Switch OLED

According to the latest report, Nintendo recently made some YouTube preview videos about the Nintendo Switch OLED as private videos. Previously, Nintendo used a similar approach when it launched the Switch OLED. Therefore, some users speculate that the Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2 will be released soon.


Some users said that Nintendo hid the promotion video of the old device before the release of the new device because of the YouTube algorithm. Other manufacturers have similar operations.

However, some users said that the teaser video can still be seen in Nintendo’s UK and Australia regions. The reason why Nintendo set it as a private video in the United States may be the one-year anniversary of the release of the Switch OLED, and the old video needs to be hidden or updated due to licensing information.

Moreover, Nintendo has not officially announced the release time of the new generation of Switch. It is reported that the new generation of Switch will be equipped with a new NVIDIA Tegra Xavier processor and will support 4K output.


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