Nvidia will release Atlan SoC at GTC21

This year’s GPU Developers Conference will be held from April 12th to 16th. Huang Renxun, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, personally sent a whistle to discuss the future of the computing industry.

As per the latest news, Nvidia will release Atlan SoC at GTC21. Nvidia Atlan is the next-generation SoC of the automotive industry, using Grace-Next CPU and Ampere-Next GPU, integrated data processing unit.


At 9 am on April 13th, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun will deliver a keynote speech at the GTC conference and is expected to release this product.

In the keynote speech, Huang Renxun will talk about NVIDIA’s future vision for the computing industry around chips, software, services, edges, data centers, and clouds.


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