Google renamed Workspace because of getting 4300TB content uploads every day

Google renamed G Suit to Google Workspace in 2020 and redrawn icons for multiple functions. Google recently announced the reasons for the name change, the main purpose is to reflect the direction of the brand rebranding through a more accurate name.

Google explains the reason for the rename of Google Workspace, more than 4300TB of content is uploaded every day. Currently, Google Workspace includes core functions such as Gmail mailbox, calendar, photo album, web disk, instant messaging, video call, etc.


The new logo design style is more consistent, using the colors in the Google Logo while increasing the proportion of red. In 2020, Google decided to adjust the storage space policy of personal accounts. The free storage space for each user was adjusted to 15GB.

Starting June 1, 2021, the previous policy of unlimited space album backup will be cancelled. Additionally, the storage space for Google Workspace for Education will also be limited to a maximum of 100TB from July 2022.

Google stated that with the growth of Google Workspace user content, more than 4,300TB of content is uploaded to Gmail, network disks, and photo albums every day. To this end, Google decided to adjust its storage space policy.


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