One UI 5.0 beta 5 is out for Samsung Galaxy S22, likely the final beta

SAMSUNG Galaxy ONE ui 5 btea 5

Yep! we have great news for the Samsung Galaxy fans, you guys are more likely in the final stage of the One UI 5.0 beta phase. As recently the company started dispatching the One UI 5.0 beta 5 updates for the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone users.

We can understand your mood, you might be fed up with so many betas for long while. But the game is about to finish for the Galaxy S22 series user, this One UI 5 beta 5 is likely to be the final beta version, as the stable rollout launch is nearly scheduled by the end of this year.

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Well, taking about the One UI 5 beta 5 versions, then the update adds various fixes, removes, and many more changes for Samsung Galaxy S22 series users. As above mentioned, it could be the last beta version so the company admired its issues by the hood.

SAMSUNG Galaxy ONE ui 5 btea 5

The update also addresses issues that force the closure of the Watch Plugin app and camera focusing failure and subpar image quality. It also fixes the problem of restarting itself automatically, which prevents users from adding fingerprints, as well as the issues with incomplete wallpaper display and no unlock sound.

One UI 5.0 beta 5 also addresses the worry that the program was forced to close while editing photographs and the issue with the multitasking list interface where “Close All” is not visible in Samsung Galaxy S22.

The update is currently out for the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra devices in China with the ZVJA build version. We recommend you download and install the update to make your device compatible with One UI 5 stable.

Not only this, the update changelog has a lot to fix in the Samsung Galaxy S22 samrtphone, below you can check:

  • Fixed the issue of forced closing of the watch plugin
  • Fixed the problem of camera autofocus failure and poor image quality when using focus
  • Fixed phone restart issue
  • Fixed an issue where fingerprints could not be added
  • Fixed the problem of no unlock sound
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete wallpaper display
  • Fixed the problem that “Close All” is not displayed in the multitasking list interface
  • Fixed the issue that the app was forced to close when editing pictures
  • Removed Bixby text call

Samsung Galaxy S22 One UI 5 beta 5


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