OnePlus 10 Pro June 2023 features

OnePlus 10 Pro gets more hidden features with June 2023 OxygenOS update

OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone users have recently received the June 2023 update with valuable fixes, but a few hidden features are also making their way to the device. Once again, the company has stapled some tweaks that didn’t show up on the changelog, yet they silently appear on the handset.

According to the well-known observer @Some_Random_Username, OnePlus 10 Pro has gained another set of hidden features with the latest June 2023 update. These tweaks are related to every section of the device, including the system applications. So let’s begin our exploration.

1. Six new AOD images

The June 2023 update bundles the AOD app version 3.1.40 which unlocks six new AOD images. It comprises both static and animated shots that will glorify the Always on Display on your smartphone. To be mentioned, this tweak is also available for OnePlus 11 devices with the newest firmware.

2. New ‘Skins’ feature in the Notes app

Consequently, the firmware has updated the Notes application to the 13.8.2_3928dd6_230529 version which adds a new ‘skins’ feature. By tapping on the three dots in the app, a menu will appear showing the Skins option at the top. Clicking on this tab will bring up three background options for text, just like a physical notebook.

OnePlus 10 Pro June 2023 features

3. Redesigned Pocket Mistouch Prevention UI

Further, the June 2023 build has updated the System UI for Pocket Mistouch Prevention functionality. Earlier, a bubble-like formation on the screen. As of now, you would be able to swipe up to exit or dismiss the feature without facing any issues and will notice a clean visual on the screen.

OnePlus 10 Pro June 2023 features

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4. Wallpaper renamed to Workshop

Yes! The Wallpaper section has been renamed to Workshop which is more attractive than the ‘Inventive Wallpaper’ term. In addition, a few improvements for the AOD and other sections are visible in this upgrade. Have you noticed these changes so far on your OnePlus 10 Pro after the latest update? If not, then dig into the new version and explore the ultimate changes.

OnePlus 10 Pro June 2023 features

OnePlus 10 Pro gets more hidden features with June 2023 OxygenOS update

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