OnePlus 10T 5G complete design and specifications revealed

OnePlus 10T 5G Design

Recently, we have discussed some new camera features that are coming with the OnePlus 10T alongside the OxygenOS 13 and now we got the complete design and specifications of the device.


As per the report, OnePlus is have been working on the design of the OnePlus 10T for over a year. Meanwhile, after testing hundreds of prototypes, the company has finalized the two colors, Moonstone Black and Jade Green.

OnePlus admit that no OnePlus 10T version comes with the signature OnePlus Alert Slider. The OnePlus 10T is the first global flagship device to come without an alert slider. However, with the OnePlus 10T, the company wanted to take this concept to the next level by taking the devices beyond just speed improvements.

OnePlus 10T 5G Design

OnePlus 10T 5G complete design and specifications

OnePlus 10T is equipped with super fast charging, so the device needs two charging pumps. Previous OnePlus devices, such as the OnePlus 10 Pro, were equipped with a charging pump. Of course, this means that the OnePlus 10T doubles the space required for the device’s charging pump. It limits space on the device and includes an alert slider.

In addition, OnePlus have tried to support the super-fast charging of the OnePlus 10T with the largest battery possible. Without increasing the thickness of the device, the maximum battery capacity that could fit in the OnePlus 10T while retaining the alert slider was 4,500 mAh.

Gaming Performance

Talking about the Gaming performance, the OnePlus 10T has added an improved antenna for gaming. This improves signal performance when the device is held horizontally. In addition, this new antenna system is also possible by removing the device’s warning slider, among other optimizations.

OnePlus 10T 5G Design


The design process of the new smartphone is based on OnePlus design principles. In short, the company believes in creating a natural, comfortable and liberating experience. At first glance, the OnePlus 10T looks very similar to the OnePlus 10 Pro. This is because we wanted the OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro to look like they belong to the same family. The OnePlus 10T features the iconic camera module of the OnePlus 10 Pro and features a seamless design.

OnePlus 10T 5G Design

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So what is your favorite color? And is this the best black and green ever on a OnePlus device? Please let us know in the comments below.

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