OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Edition gets stable ColorOS 13 C.13 update with huge changelog

OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin ColorOS 13 update

OnePlus has rolled out the stable ColorOS 13 software update for the newly-released OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin edition. The latest firmware carries a huge changelog that reads a variety of interesting features and optimizations for the device. Ultimately, the installation of this build will provide a new experience to the corresponding device owners.

For your information, the dynamic ColorOS 13 update for the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin edition is rolling out with the ColorOS 13.0.0.C.13 build number. For installing the new firmware, users need to free a storage space of 6.35 Gigabytes to fit the software package suitably in the smartphone.

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OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin edition come into existence in October this year. It brings along a new theme with custom animations and color. Besides, the phone attaches a new back panel with an iconic texture rather than the traditional green and black surface.

As mentioned, the latest update brings a huge changelog along with dynamic features. Eventually, users will find eye-catching changes in the user interface, customizations, privacy and security section, seamless interconnection, enhanced gaming experience, and more. You can check the entire changelog below.

OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin ColorOS 13 updateColorOS 13 C.13 Update Changelog

Aquamorphic design
  • Added aquatic design theme color to improve visual comfort
  • With newly added aquatic effects, the animation incorporates the concept of aquatic design, and the style is realistic and dynamic
  • Newly added world clock light tracking technology, based on the sun and moon orientation to simulate the real projection effect
  • Added a world clock on the main screen to display clock information in different time zones
  • Upgrade the quantum animation engine to version 4.0, add behavior judgment, recognize complex gestures, and optimize interaction mode
  • Optimize the UI level to bring a clear and orderly visual experience
  • Optimized motion effects, simulating real physical motion trajectory, with natural and coherent effects
  • Optimize the responsive layout of the interface, adapt to screens of different sizes, and improve visual reading comfort
  • Optimize the card design, classify and integrate information, and improve the speed of information acquisition
  • Optimized fonts, more coordinated typography, and increased legibility
  • Optimize system icons, adopt the latest color system, more highly recognizable, and improve the overall texture
  • Optimize system illustrations, integrate diverse cultures, and enrich illustration content
Efficiency and convenience
  • Added smart conference assistant, improved conference network and shorthand experience, and added notification light reminder
  • Added support for the one-key conference and smart organization of meeting minutes to improve office efficiency
  • Newly added large folders, a new desktop folder experience, the one-step opening of applications in folders, support for sliding pages
  • Added a new smart screen, which supports the display of music, taxi, and takeaway dynamic information in the state of the screen (supports some applications)
  • Newly added NFC college campus card, you can go on campus without a card (support some colleges)
  • Added double-click the power button to quickly display the health code
  • Added a new media playback center to optimize the operation experience of the control center
  • Added support for calendar importing DingTalk schedules with one click, and adding email schedules with one click
  • Added support for schedule identification, which can identify the current interface schedule through the screen recognition function and import it to the calendar with one click
  • Added screenshot editing support for graffiti, upgraded graffiti brush
  • Added support for adding cards to the desktop, providing a more personalized information display, and enriching the playability of the desktop
  • Added support for converting selected pictures in albums to documents such as Word, PPT, and Excel
  • Upgrade Hypertext to version 2.0, scan pictures in multiple scenes to support intelligent text recognition and information extraction
  • Upgrade Super Recording to version 2.0, enhance search capabilities and support exporting graphic data
  • Optimize Xiaobu’s suggestion card, and dynamically recommend applications and services in multiple scenarios
Seamless Interconnection
  • Upgrade the cross-screen interconnection to version 2.0, which supports mobile phone audio calls to be answered and hung up on the PC side, and the two ends can be switched freely
  • Optimize the multi-opening ability of cross-screen interconnected PC-side mobile phone applications, support multi-tasking processing, and improve work efficiency
  • Optimize mobile phone screen projection, support content adaptive projection screen layout, screen projection, and mobile phone use do not interfere with each other
  • Added various Omoji materials, support for setting contact avatars, and creating more personalized avatars
  • Added time-off screen display, providing more personalized style settings for the screen
  • Optimize the screen display of portrait painting, support multiple brushes and line colors
Security & Privacy
  • Added a one-click automatic coding function for shared pictures, identifying and blurring personal information in chat records to protect privacy and security
  • Add permission suggestions, smart recommendation permission, and improve computer security
  • Added the function of anti-malicious inducement to install applications, and supports intelligent blocking of malicious pop-up windows and advertisements
  • Optimize the private safe, and adopt the advanced AES full file encryption scheme to enhance the security of private files
  • Optimize the security protection of payment scenarios, making payment safe and worry-free
Health & Digital Well-being
  • Automatically switch to children’s mode when using the children’s space browser to protect children’s health
  • Added ambient light detection in children’s space, triggering reminders
  • Newly added children’s space to automatically turn on the eye protection mode to protect children’s eyesight
  • Added a new family space to view family health data, comprehensively protect and care for family members
  • New home space health anomaly data and fall detection reminder
Performance Optimization
  • Added ColorOS supercomputing platform to improve system fluency, stability, battery life, and application experience in all aspects
  • Added 5G dual-card dual-standby dual-pass function
  • Optimize the openness of earphones, build an ecosystem of earphones together, and facilitate access to three-party applications
Game Experience
  • Add self-developed VRS technology, dynamically adjust resolution, enhance performance and reduce power consumption, and improve the gaming experience
  • ‘Upgrade HyperBoost GPA frame stabilization technology to version 4.0 to achieve a stable frame rate in key scenes and balance performance and power consumption


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