OnePlus launches IDEAS 2.0 program to get your suggestions for future versions of OxygenOS

OnePlus has launched an IDEAS 2.0 program to get your suggestions for future versions of its OxygenOS. The most popular ideas could find their ways into upcoming versions.

The OnePlus IDEAS 2.0 program will definitely help improve and enhance future versions of OxygenOS. From IDEAS 1.0, OnePlus gained features like Always-on Display in the OxygenOS 11.



OnePlus confirmed on the Forum:

“IDEAS bridges the gap between our Community and the OxygenOS team. The concept is quite simple – you submit your idea and if the Community loves it, people from our OS team will go through your concept, analyze it and will share their feedback. And if the top ideas fit our software philosophy, they will be picked for implementation. It’s all up to you: you submit the ideas and you vote to select the best ones.”

How to join


1. Log in to your OnePlus Community account. (Not a member of the community yet? Sign Up Now!)
2. Submit your idea by following the provided tips. It’s important to keep your idea clear and neat because you will also have to convince your peers that your idea is worth voting for. You can even upload your sketches or mockups to better illustrate your concept.
3. Leave your comments on other ideas, and like your favorite ones.

Share your IDEAS NOW


How it works

1. The campaign will run from Sep 28 to Nov 6, 2020. The review and selection process will be carried out every two weeks, all adopted ideas will be announced by Nov 16.
2. At this point, we’re only accepting ideas that are related to software.
3. Each round, the top 7 ideas will be selected and ranked according to the total number of likes. Our OS product team will review, discuss, and reply to those top 7 most liked ideas. We look forward to gaining more product insights from our Community and sharing internal thoughts on software development.


1. All submitters will win 3 XP, limited to 3 times per day. TOP 7 from each round will also be rewarded with 50 XP and exclusive community medals (for those with active forum accounts only)
2. If your idea is adopted, you will get a VIP ticket to an OnePlus offline event, and round trip with a one-night accommodation



Part 1. Sharing your idea

1. Your ideas must follow the OnePlus Community T&C.
2. Your ideas should be posted in English, which is the Community’s main language.
3. One idea request per submission. So we’ll know exactly which idea our Community is voting for.
4. Asking for software updates? Visiting the OxygenOS FAQ might be a better option.
5. Please note that we will close ideas that violate the above rules.
6. We may also close duplicate ideas and provide a link to the original submission.

Part 2. Casting your vote

1. You cannot vote for your own ideas.
2. We are encouraging you to share the reasons why you like the voted ideas.
3. Once you submitted the reasons why you like or dislike an idea, you cannot cancel your vote.

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