OnePlus Nord 3 overheating battery issues

OnePlus Nord 3 grips first OxygenOS 14 Alpha build, check new features

OnePlus has recently announced the OxygenOS 14 closed beta program for Nord 3 devices, and it’s time to take a glance at its alpha build. Yes! The Nord 3 handset is grabbing its first OxygenOS 14 beta version and the ‘under the hood’ features are worth your attention.

Let us tell you that the OnePlus Nord 3 OxygenOS 14 alpha update has some significant improvements that users have been waiting for a long time. The list doesn’t count major revealings but there are slight changes to UI segments, the camera framework, and the main – battery segment.

So without any further ados, let’s jump into the details:

1. UI and Settings Panel

The Quick Settings is the same as in the 13.1 version. Though the lock screen now shows a revamped dial pad with numbers within a circular frame. Ahead, the charging animation highlights a fade-out effect which is quite elegant. And yes! Android 14-based version has brought in the ‘predictive back gesture’ which is confined to Google Dialer.

2. Camera

Users will find a swap between retouch and filter options for easier access. Besides, the additional settings design is more intuitive with better visuals over text-heavy interfaces.

3. App Drawer

A slight transformation while scrolling through the section alongside the alphabetical list. Further, the pill size has been reduced and sports a more simplistic layout.

4. Privacy & About Section

Android 14-based firmware lets you selectively grant app permissions to share your photos and videos. Just like the Photo Picker tool. On the flip side, the storage tab in the About menu shows a progress bar instead of an old text display.

5. Notifications

Smart Suggestion feature is in the light for live previews of rides and food deliveries.


Last but not least, the company has introduced a redesigned image for the battery booster as well as the ‘voice charging’ feature now appears as ‘smart charging’. The battery section further has the option to cap charging at 80%, potentially extending battery longevity.

Note: This build doesn’t have the multi-screen connect feature that has existed in the previous builds. However, we could find it in the upcoming version. Till then, let us know which feature would you like to see in the next OxygenOS 14 beta update for Nord 3 devices.

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OnePlus Nord 3 OxygenOS 14 Alpha


OnePlus Nord 3 grips first OxygenOS 14 Alpha build, check new features

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