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OnePlus Open behaves differently while browsing: is it a bug or a feature?

OnePlus Open recently made its way to the consumer platform and numerous tech analysts have started exploring the foldable. However, an interesting browsing behavior on the OnePlus Open raised questions on whether the folding phone is dealing with a bug or has an extraordinary feature.

The story came into the spotlight when the well-known Android observer @MishaalRahman shared his experience with the newly launched foldable. The tipster said that while browsing LinkedIn on OnePlus Open, he noticed a ‘different-than-usual’ behavior and got confused if it was a bug or a feature.

As per the details, tapping on any post on LinkedIn opens it in a split pane on the right side. On asking a Pixel Fold user about this behavior, Mishaal found that the action is exclusive to OnePlus Open. So what kind of uniqueness is this?

OnePlus Open browsing feature

Here is the answer!

After a detailed go-through, Mishaal discovered an amazing feature called Dual Windows, which opens selective applications in two windows on the main screen, so that you may continue your reading efficiently on the big screen. Besides, the code hints that this feature is not native Android stuff, but ‘OplusZoomWindow’.

OnePlus is late but came great!

Yes, the company stepped a bit late in the foldable market but brought in some dynamic features for multitasking, that make it different from others! Eventually, the Dual Windows capability will let you perform tasks easily and more swiftly. All you have to do is turn on the feature under Settings > Main Screen > Dual Windows.

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OnePlus Open browsing feature

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OnePlus Open behaves differently while browsing: is it a bug or a feature?

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