OnePlus OxygenOS 11 FAQ: Check every question! [DECEMBER 2020]

A few months ago, OnePlus officially released Android 11 based OxygenOS 11. Many people asked various questions and reported several bugs regarding this Operating System, you’ll be glad to know that OnePlus has given answers to your questions and solutions to your issues in the latest FAQ.

Below you can check the answers/solutions to your question/issues.

[Optimization Suggestion]

Q: The swipe up gesture to answer a call is to reject the call, which can easily lead to misoperation.
A: Refueling, you can adjust the direction of the answering gesture in the call settings according to your own habits: click the “phone” icon-click the three dots in the upper right corner-settings-change the direction of the answering.

Q: Sliding and pause on the desktop will mistakenly enter the search interface. It is recommended to add a switch to prevent accidental touch.
A: When receiving a lot of refueling feedback, it is easy to enter the search interface by mistake. In this regard, we have added a “quick search” switch to the latest version of the OnePlus Desktop ( Turning off this switch can avoid the above problems. Currently, this feature has been incorporated into the OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T series, OnePlus 6/6T/7/7T will also be adapted in the future, so stay tuned. The following is the operation path: long press on the desktop-home screen settings-quick search-turn off the “on” switch.

Q: Will the screen display consume a lot of power?
A: The rest screen display scheme is based on the self-luminous characteristics of the OLED display, only lighting each pixel that needs to be displayed, and the background processor is in a sleep state. Compared with frequently turning on the screen to obtain time and other information, the screen display will save more power, even if it is always on throughout the day, it will not significantly affect the battery life of the phone.

Q: Will turning on the screen display all day cause screen burn?
A: After the mobile phone is off for a long time, the video AOD will have a slight position adjustment, and the time AOD will change the position in the right, middle, and left of the screen at the right time, so you don’t have to worry too much about burning the screen.

Q: After upgrading to Hydrogen OS 11, when multiple application notifications appear in the notification bar, why do I need to pull down to see the “Clear All” button?
A: We have optimized this problem in the latest version. You can click the “Clear All” button to complete the operation without pulling down the notification. Only need to update the system version to the latest version.

Q: Why does the lock screen clock not change after setting the clock style on the personalized settings page?
A: The lock screen clock style is fixed and cannot be modified currently. The clock style of the personalized setting page is only applicable to the rest screen scene display. We will continue to listen to user feedback and continue to optimize product modules.


[BUG Answer]

Q: After OnePlus 8/8Pro is updated with Hydrogen OS 11, why does the status bar not display the charging status when charging?
A: This problem has been fixed in the latest stable version of OnePlus 8/8Pro. Just update the system version to the latest to solve this problem.

Q: Why is there no pop-up window when connecting OnePlus Buds to the phone?
A: If you encounter the above problems, please update OnePlus Buds to the latest version in the store, and then try the following steps: pull down the status bar-open the location information-re-enable the Bluetooth function, and try to connect to the phone again. You can also remove the phone case and earphone protective cover, and try the earphones close to the phone. If you still have problems after trying the above methods, you can go to the community feedback area to submit bug feedback.

Q: Why OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T can not view all the photos in the phone’s album, but only a part of the albums?
Q: Why are the pictures and screenshots saved from the third party application not displayed in the gallery, but can only be found in the file management?
A: The above problems have been solved in the latest version of the gallery. Come on, you only need to update the mobile phone system and the gallery (4.0.104) to the latest version to solve the above problems.

Q: Why is it prompted that sharing failed when two or more pictures are selected in the gallery and shared to WeChat at the same time?
A: This problem is known, and we are currently actively promoting WeChat optimization. Cheers can also feed the problem to the three-party application to jointly promote the problem. Please wait patiently for subsequent application version updates and update to the latest version in time.

Q: Why does OnePlus 8T flash white when the fingerprint is unlocked and enters the screen?
A: This problem has been fixed. Please upgrade the system version to the latest stable version to solve this problem.

Q: Why does the color of the screen change before and after the fingerprint is unlocked after the eye protection mode/night mode is turned on?
A: When the eye protection mode/night mode is turned on and the fingerprint is used to unlock, the color tone will change. This is because when the fingerprint is unlocked, the screen needs a precise white color to ensure the accuracy of fingerprint recognition. This state cannot have a warm color tendency. If the screen tone becomes warmer, it may lead to a lower unlock success rate.


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