OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Pro Gaming Mode

OxygenOS 13 Pro Gaming Mode

OxygenOS 13 brings a new Hyperboost game engine for Pro Gaming Mode to OnePlus devices, especially for gaming lovers. From now you can play compatibility titles that offer a variety of features aimed at providing a smoother and more consistent gaming experience.

It enables features like low frame rate stutter, improved touch, faster touch response speed, game recording, and silent notifications.


 OxygenOS 13 Pro Gaming Mode with Hyperboost Game Engine

The advanced Hyperboost gaming mode engine offers an amazing feature that offers many new games designed to give users a smoother and more stable gaming experience, including GPA Frame Stabilizer, O-Sync, and GPU Load Control (GLC).

With the latest support for OxygenOS 13-based HyperBoost, GPA4.0 unlocks the next generation of mobile gaming experience. This allows users to choose from multiple performance modes, from battery saver to pro gamer, to more power with less power while winning.

OxygenOS 13 HyperBoot Feature

Additionally, the GPA Frame Stabilizer is designed to reduce fluctuations in in-game frame rates, so any frame rate drops will be gradual, rather than sudden and dramatic. When enabled, GPA Frame Stabilizer monitors device performance in real-time and uses AI computational models to fine-tune CPU and GPU resources when frame rates are expected.

The O-Sync enhances the synchronization between the processor and display of a OnePlus smartphone by up to 8x during gaming. This reduces the touch response time to 30 milliseconds. This means that OnePlus devices respond faster to all your touches and swipes, giving you a competitive edge, especially when playing online with others.

In addition, GPU Load Control (GLC) enhances GPU performance in OnePlus smartphones, allowing users to play graphics-intensive games with up to 36% better power consumption and longer gaming sessions between charges.

OxygenOS 13 Pro Gaming Mode

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