OnePlus OxygenOS 13 vs Samsung One UI 5.0: Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a common feature that is available in every smartphone, it helps you quickly turn the screen to dark at night time. It is a very impressive element that is specifically designed to reduce battery life of your device and keep your eyes protected from brighter display.


No doubt every custom skin offers a Dark mode functioning for its consumers, but the OnePlus includes some major optimizations compared to Samsung. OxygenOS 13 Dark Mode is much more amazing and offers additional features than One UI 5.0.

There are some features that are available in One UI and are missing on OxygenOS, simultaneously some exist in OxygenOS and not in One UI. Let’s explore the advanced Dark Mode features of OxygenOS 13, which makes this functionality work a little more effectively.

If we enable dark mode in both smartphones then we will some changes in the current interface like the OxygenOS 13 offers a schedule option at the top. Moving on if we tap on the dark mode settings then you will notice a major change, One UI 5.0 includes only one option as turn on as scheduled.

Whereas, the OxygenOS 13 helps you to customize the dark mode feature in three levels — Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle. In addition, you also have the option to adjust wallpapers to Dark mode, which will set your wallpapers according to the selected Dark mode settings. You also get an option to adjust the Adaptive contrast settings according to the ambient lighting conditions.

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