OnePlus OxygenOS 13 vs Stock Android 13: Material You Design

OxygenOS 13 Stock Android 13 Material You Design

As we know Android 13 (available in beta version) is in discussion these days and we are almost one step behind for a stable update from Google’s side. Similarly, in this race, other smartphone brands are also taking part in this beta testing, and OnePlus is one of them whose latest custom skin is OxygenOS 13.


Talking about the changes and improvements in both Android OS there are several but Material You Design is one of the major changes from the previous Android version. Well, in this article, we’ll discuss Material You Design changes between OnePlus OxygenOS 13 and Stock Android 13.

OxygenOS 13 vs Stock Android 13: Material You Design

OxygenOS 13 Stock Android 13 Material You Design

OxygenOS 13 Material You Design

OnePlus’ OxygenOS 13 offers a host of new features and a redesigned Material Theme theme option. Along with a new interface, the latest custom skins offer more personalized customization options, from wallpaper-based color palette controls to more intuitive animations.

In the future, OxygenOS 13 offers an improved color palette that has been properly implemented in the Android 13 build. There are many other colors that the system can choose from and these colors are generated dynamically by the wallpaper.

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In response, OxygenOS 13 chooses the colors for your OnePlus smartphone based on the available wallpapers. Take a look at the image below to see how the color of the quick setting icon changes depending on the wallpaper you are using. Additionally, you’ll notice that depending on the theme that is currently running on your device, the content your theme applies to the supported apps as well.

The changes in this Material You theme are good enough, but there could be room for further improvement in the color options as OnePlus adds more color combinations and users of these themes can use third-party apps on their phones.

Image Credit: TechDroider

Stock Android 13 Material You Design

After the recent update of Stock Android 13, Google brings some changes in its Material You design as well as a more number of color theme styles based on your current wallpaper. In addition, it’s a new design language that emphasizes personalization with color themes. In particular, you can create your own theme for your phone by choosing the wallpaper carefully.

The “Wallpaper & Style” setting for the Pixel series lets you set your phone to one of several pre-selected themes, instead of using the wallpaper colors. With every Android 13 beta rollout, Google expanded the available options from 4 fixed color themes to offer 16 options. All the new additions are multicolored, combining bold colors with more peaceful additions.

Stock Android 13 Material You Design

Talking about the change, Google adds the basic options of blue, green, purple, and gray, for Pixel owners. In the beta, you can choose between two-tone colors of rose, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, and lilac a five combinations.

Moreover, users will be able to choose a variety of options that you can mix and match depending on your wallpaper color palette. You can choose from 4 different material color theme styles for each set of colors. But these interesting names for the styles – spritz, fruit salad, etc, are not displayed in the current settings.

Also, using Dark Theme users are able to turn on the totally darker mode and a complete uniform design. This could be very useful, especially when using smartphones at night.

What’s Conclusion?

Looking at the changes in the Material You theme options, stock Android 13 is ahead of OxygenOS 13. We know that every smartphone brand adopts Google’s Android 13 features and OnePlus will do the same. Last but not least, both the Android versions are in beta level soon after full testing it will be available for other users.

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