OnePlus OxygenOS 14 changes

Hey OnePlus! Consider these changes and features for OxygenOS 14. Thanks

OxygenOS 14 is running on the beta treadmill for the high-end models of the OnePlus family. While we still have some time to obtain the official version and its offerings, some OnePlus beta testers suggested a few changes and features that should make way with the OxygenOS 14 upgrade.

Going through the official OnePlus community surface, a thread entitled ‘OxygenOS 14 features/changes to consider’ drew our attention. Here, a Nord CE 3 Lite user quoted a few points and asked the company to have a glance as well as add them to the ultimate software if possible.

Some of these changes or features are as follows:

  • Lock screen signature/message
  • Stock music player (not online-oriented)
  • Changing resolution size to lower to save battery (FHD to HD)
  • Add 30Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz (already present) manual selection
  • Add more camera modes
  • Fix the issue where the screen OFF charging/animation when there’s Zero Charge or the phone is switched OFF(The phone can charge when switched OFF), doesn’t turn ON to charge the phone.
  • Add more fonts
  • Add more icon packs inspired by OxygenOS 10 and 11 versions
  • Add OnePlus Dialer with inbuilt call recorder
  • Able to check the temperature °C just like the battery percentage within the phone settings without third-party apps.
  • OnePlus SMS app with keyword filter
  • OnePlus inbuilt Compass app

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Apart from the mentioned segments, a handful of users recommended the amazing OnePlus Calculator easter egg, improvements for the Android Auto stability, enabling Google Pay on the left bottom corner of the lock screen and enhancements for the Picture-in-Picture resize option.

Not all but at least some of these changes are important and we hope that the tech giant will soon notice them. Eventually, these small yet useful tweaks play a vital role in uplifting the software experience. Do you like any of the listed changes and want them in OxygenOS 14? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 changes

Hey OnePlus! Consider these changes and features for OxygenOS 14. Thanks

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