OnePlus OxygenOS 14 software day

It’s OxygenOS 14 day! Are you excited about OnePlus new software?

Yay! It’s OxygenOS 14 day and OnePlus fans are ready to grab the official input on the new software matter. Perhaps, things will go live by evening and till then we can have a small tour of the highlights regarding the Android 14’s custom skin.

The confirmation thread about the OxygenOS 14 software launch day for the global OnePlus smartphones has already raised the excitement bar to new heights. Meanwhile, the list of amazing features has created hustle and bustle in users’ minds for what’s new the tech giant is going to serve on the plate.

Another question is, will OxygenOS 14 bring similar capabilities to the OPPO ColorOS 14 or the company is planning something more innovative for OnePlus users? No doubt, everyone is curious and excited to know what is going to happen with the next OxygenOS version.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 software day

It is worth mentioning that Android 14 is still away from the stable station and is likely to step on the stage on October 04. Does that mean – in light of the Android 14 delay, will OnePlus halt the OxygenOS 14 rollout process for its devices after the software release?

Since the tech giant is opening the closed beta doors for eligible devices on time, we can expect that things are finally changing for good. But, it all depends on how OnePlus will begin the expansion of stable release among users and how much time will it to take to complete the rollout.

There are so many things that are dragging our attention toward the next coming OxygenOS version. However, we hope that this time, the company won’t disappoint its smartphone users and will approach with the stock Android experience and timely software updates.

So, are you excited about the OnePlus OxygenOS 14? What are your expectations with the new version? Participate in the poll below and let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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It’s OxygenOS 14 day! Are you excited about OnePlus new software?

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