OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly September 30

OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (August 26, 2023)

August 2023 is about to wrap up and OnePlus is continuing its journey with OxygenOS 14 closed beta program. Don’t worry as you will find all the interesting inputs and hidden information in this OnePlus OxygenOS weekly bulletin (August 26, 2023).

Starting with the highlights, this week was full of software and OnePlus app updates. On the other hand, the company has initiated a new Audio Product Test Program. What else? To know all the revealings, jump on this train, and let’s begin the tour.


1. After OnePlus 11, the tech giant initiated the OxygenOS 14 closed beta program for the Nord 3 handsets. It’s no less than a surprise for users who believe that the company often delays software upgrades.

2. And this beta express is super fast as the OnePlus Nord 3 devices have started receiving the first OxygenOS 14 alpha beta. Want to know all the new features and improvements? Read the full story HERE.

3. Going with the smartphone sequence, you might be thinking of which OnePlus handset will be the next to grab the OxygenOS 14 closed beta update. Well, you may get your answer HERE.

4. Now let’s talk about new OnePlus devices. To begin with, the OnePlus 12 is ready to give a tough fight to other flagship models with amazing key upgrades. And you can check the major details below:

5. On the other hand, OnePlus Fold will flaunt itself in two bold colors. What colors? Check out here.

6. Well, OnePlus is back on track in terms of hardware at least! We are saying so because the newly launched Ace 2 Pro sold out in just the first three minutes! Read More.

And yes, OnePlus app updates are important to maintain the efficiency of both – applications and devices. You can check the significant apps below.

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OnePlus OxygenOS weekly August 26

OnePlus OxygenOS Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (August 26, 2023)

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