OnePlus selects these 7 new features for the new version of OxygenOS

Back in March this year, OnePlus has debuted the first IDEAS program for OxygenOS. They have got many opinions from the users and chose the best five features to add to the new OxygenOS. The features include – Always-On-Display, improved Zen Mode, and more which are already installed to the latest OS version.

After the successful debut in round 1, the company has announced IDEAS 2.0 in September. This IDEAS 2.0 closed with more opinions and again, the members have chosen the best seven ideas from round 2.

During the past 3 rounds, OnePlus received 7303 ideas from 5427 active community members, which is much higher than the IDEAS Beta trial. The ideas in the community received over 12k likes and 8.8k comments.

Check the list of selected features below;

  • Add an FPS counter option to Game Space
  • Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback
  • Lockscreen customization
  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus devices and vice-versa
  • Power Diet — an aggressive battery saving mode that would greatly extend the battery life of OnePlus devices by limiting most non-essential apps and features
  • Black, instead of the current gray, dark mode or an option to switch between either
  • Partial screenshot

The company has started working on some of these features and will soon start to work on the other features. No release date for these features has announced yet but OnePlus has stated that they will release them in near future updates.





Furthermore, the Chinese smartphone maker has also named some features that won’t come with upcoming OxygenOS updates. Here’s the list of rejecting features;

  • Hole punch camera notification alerts
  • Desktop mode
  • Work with social media companies to improve camera optimization
  • iOS 14 back tap gestures
  • Preventing screen burn-in by subtle pixel shifting
  • The customizable battery charge level
  • Dual audio in Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint customization
  • Notification ring
  • Improve the image processing
  • Animations during accessory pairing and connecting
  • Navigation bar customizations
  • Replace the Google dialer with OnePlus dialer
  • Notification count on icons (App badges)
  • Battery health
  • The classic layout on OxygenOS 11

If you want, you can check all the adopted ideas of IDEAS 2.0:

[Adopted IDEAS]

1. Add a FPS counter option to Game Space – by @dsmonteiro

2. Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback – by @micohau

3. Lockscreen customizatiom – by @GeneralKen0bi

4. Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa – by @Starcommander

5. Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day! – by @YRJ

6. Dark mode to be black instead of grey, or at least option for both – by @ashrhmn

7. Partial ScreenShot – by @yashwant24

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