OnePlus OxygenOS Stock UI

OnePlus Software Head responded on restoring OxygenOS to stock UI

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 still counts as the true software experience due to its stock UI features and some simple yet prominent customizations that are free from unwanted glitches. But it looks like the company is least interested in forging the same tweaks again.

Recently, Gary Chen – the head of OnePlus software shared his views with Android Central on how he sees the OxygenOS software and what has been the role of stock UI in the operating system. At the same time, the chief has quoted a few statements that may disappoint some OnePlus fans.

In the interview, Gary mainly focused on OxygenOS 14 and cited how the approaching version will not miss a single chance to deliver the utmost of the user experience. However, when asked about the stock UI experience for OxygenOS, the head said that OxygenOS never relied upon the stock surface.

No Stock UI?

Of course, there are a few customized design elements including icons, widgets, wallpapers, ringtones, and AOD that are way different from the ColorOS software. But unfortunately, we may not find the stock features and changes again to this amazing OS.

It is so because OxygenOS and ColorOS share the same codebase. While this is essential to offer better quality and improvements, it is one of the major reasons why these two Android skins remain identical to each other. Thus, it’s not possible to change a few things in this matter.

Although, Chen uttered that users will enjoy the latest OxygenOS version as it has several new and unique features that are different from that of ColorOS. But for stock UI experience, it’s currently a ‘NO! Still, we hope to gain some effective changes this time with the brand-new OxygenOS 14 upgrade.

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OnePlus OxygenOS Stock UI

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OnePlus Software Head responded on restoring OxygenOS to stock UI

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