Oppo starts Android 11-based ColorOS 11 beta first batch for the Oppo K3

Oppo has now started the first batch of the Android 11-based ColorOS 11 Beta for Oppo K3 users in India. More details are below.


Phone model:
K3 (information about other models please follow the Community notice)

Time: Apply from 22th Jul. to 29th Jul.

Released Country: India

When receive the version: We will review your application in a week, after the application success, you will receive the update later

【How to Apply】

1. Confirm your phone has updated to the version (Detectable Version): C.16

2. Click ‘Settings’>> ‘Software Update’>> Click the settings icon on the screen>> Apply for Beta Version>>Update Beta Version. And then follow the guide to apply. (If the application quota is full, please wait for the next round)

【Upgrade Must-Knows】
1. Please backup important data on the phone before updating to avoid the data loss caused by incompatibility or other unforeseen circumstances.
2. After updating to the latest Beta version, the operating system will do several actions to optimize your device automatically. It might lead to your device heating, lagging, and fast battery draining. We recommend you turn off the screen and charge your device for a whole night after its updated success. Or keep using the device and it will become normal within few days.
3. Some third-party applications are not compatible with Android 11. Therefore, updating these applications might not be available or have technical issues including lagging and crashing down in your device. Please try to update these applications to the latest version in App Market. Please find the Non-Compatible Apps For Android:

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