Huawei Smart Data Center hits new record with lowest PUE of 1.111

On July 23, Huawei announced that its smart micro modules have recently refreshed the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) test of micromodule products and the annual average PUE was recorded to be as low as 1.111.

As per the official info, this test was conducted on Huawei Smart Modular Data Center by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and the Green Green Grid China (TGGC).

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For those unaware, the last PUE recorded in November 2018 was 1.245. While the new one was recorded as the lowest in the industry. Comparing both PUE, it was a 25% reduction from the previous one.

The PUE indicates the energy efficiency of a data center. The lower PUE value suggests a higher energy efficiency, while the higher one indicates room for improvements in energy efficiency.

Currently, the average PUE in the industry is approx 1.5 which means that the IT equipment consumes 67% of the total power supply in the data center, while the remaining 33% is consumed by others.

The PUE of 1.111 indicates a 25% decrease in the total power consumption as compared to a PUE of 1.5. Here are the words of the deputy chairman of TGGC over this:


Chen Dongfeng, General Manager of Huawei Smart Modular Data Center, said: “Huawei Smart Modular Data Center has led the market for seven consecutive years. High-intensity investment in new technologies is the key to Huawei’s leadership position.

In the new-generation Smart Modular DC solution, Huawei introduces free cooling technology, which can fully utilize natural cooling sources in cold environments and reduce power consumption of the cooling system. In addition, Huawei iCooling AI self optimization can automatically adjusts the cooling system to provide more energy-saving data center solutions.”


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