Just like Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag, Oppo also has a tracking device with UWB in the works

Last month, Apple released the AirTag tracker at a price of 229 yuan, but there are many similar trackers such as the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag/Plus.


Now, a well-known tipster has revealed that there are also UWB-based tags inside of the OPPO, and released the actual photos of the engineering version of the device.

According to the enterprise inspection application, Oppo Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. recently announced two “Smart Label Locator” presence patent authorities, the announcement numbers are CN306510417S, CN306510416S, and the application date is September 2020.

The patent abstract suggests that the product designed is used to track and locate objects, and to track and locate people or objects on a smart terminal device (such as a mobile phone) is paired with the application, or exceeded to sound the alarm at a distance.

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