OxygenOS 10 features

With Android 10, Oxygen OS 10 is getting a plethora of meaningful improvements that are sure to provide you with even better user experience.

  • Customization settings

OnePlus offers you more customization settings, including the lock screen, system, and 3 preset themes for you to choose from. In lock screen customization, you can choose your favorite clock style, fingerprint animation, and wallpaper. Horizon light effects can also be tuned to your liking (limited to OnePlus 7 Pro users). If you are craving for new challenges, OnePlus customization settings will definitely bring you a fresh experience with enriched features.

Image: OnePlus

  • Smart Display in Ambient display

Want to know the name of that tune you’re humming without having bothered to unlock the screen? Android 10 makes it possible for you to view the name of the song by double-tapping the screen.

This burdenless feature can display more information, such as Music, Weather, and Calendar, depending on what makes more sense at that time.

  • Comprehensive privacy management

The new version brings with it comprehensive privacy management, which gives you total control over how apps have access to the “location” permission.

You can “always allow”, “allow only while using the app”, “forbid” or “don’t ask again once prohibited”. In this way, your privacy is assured, even when apps are trying to track your location in the background.

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus has also designed a special page focused on Privacy. Permission manager will give you a full picture of the apps containing sensitive information like contacts, messages, etc. You can see and choose whatever apps are granted access to each permission.

Image: OnePlus

  • Master Your Notifications with Two Modes

In Android 10, you have two modes to choose from when receiving apps notifications:

Important: the notification will be received with sound or vibration
Other: the notification will be received without any sound or vibration, which keeps you focused.

Image: OnePlus

The difference between the two modes lies in whether it is pushed with sound or vibration. You can, therefore, decide which apps’ notifications matter the most to you and which are better to just stay silent.

  • Game Space

This new Android update also gave us the perfect opportunity to bring new features to Oxygen OS, such as Game Space. This brand-new feature is perfect for game players that want the smoothest experience while gaming. All your games can be found under one roof. In this space, you also have access to options like Fnatic Mode and Graphic Optimization to bring your gaming to the next level. Moreover, a new feature has been added for you to know the time spent on each game app. You will have a better time control of your entertainment.

Image: OnePlus

  • Share Wi-Fi

Android 10 is detail-oriented, and Share Wi-Fi is a good example. Having to look for the Wi-Fi password is a thing of the past! Sharing access to a Wi-Fi network is as easy as pressing a button.

You just enter the Wi-Fi&internet setting page and open the desired network to get the QR code for sharing. The password will also show in the text below.

Image: OnePlus

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