OxygenOS 13 brings Stock Android 13-like themed app icons

OxygenOS 13 Android 13 Themed App Icons

That was Google who released the Android 13 first giving more possibilities to its user to experience the latest OS features. As such, many other smartphone brands are also participating to launch their own custom skin-based Android 13 update, and OnePlus is one of them with its latest custom skin being OxygenOS 13.


With the latest stock Android 13 release, OxygenOS 13 offers our most advanced security, fresh and bold design. The brand new design is inspired by nature, it says the “Aquamorphic Design” a water-like design. The new UI features smooth, rounded edges for a more pleasant viewing experience, though allowing both form and function to coexist.

Android 13 Themed App Icons

However, among those new features on Android 13 themed app icons is one of the main key feature. With this feature, Google has introduced many modern improvements. You can set up more apps to match the colors and shades of your phone’s wallpaper and improve your user experience with better customization.

OxygenOS 13 Stock Android 13 Material You Design

Customize your phone to your style. Using this feature not only changes Google apps but it adds more ability to customize more apps of your phone’s wallpaper.

Enabling this feature on your phone’s home screen is more distinctive and stylistically consistent. It works with Material You and dynamic theming engines and also creates color palettes for customizing UI elements.

OxygenOS 13 bring Stock Android 13-like themed app icons

OnePlus’ OxygenOS 13 offers a host of new features and a redesigned Material Theme option. Along with a new interface, the latest custom skins offer more personalized customization options, from wallpaper-based color palette controls to more intuitive animations.

Similar to the Stok Android Material You Thememing option OxygenOS 13 has also adopted this Android 13-like themed app icons. The changes in this Material You theme are good enough, but there could be room for further improvement in the color options as OnePlus adds more color combinations and users of these themes can use third-party apps on their phones.

OxygenOS 13 Android 13 Themed App Icons

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