OnePlus OxygenOS should bring iOS-like shortcuts options

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OnePlus and Apple are both smartphone brands that introduced this year’s newest version of their operating system for their devices. And both of them have brought many big changes and countless improvements to the previous version.


Among those changes, the one iOS feature that I really appreciate is Shortcuts options. Not only this, but the Apple Shortcuts options in iOS 16 is getting a lot better. These Shortcuts let you quickly move through apps with just a tap or by asking Siri.

This is not the end, it also Shortcuts allows you to add automate many things. For instance, get directions to the next event in your calendar, transfer text from one app to another, create expense reports, and more.

OxygenOS iOS like Shortcuts Options

Additionally, depending on how you use your Apple device app usage, browser, email, and message history – Siri suggests simple and useful shortcuts that you can tap to get things done right away. After creating a shortcut, you can launch Siri and say the name of the shortcut to execute it.

In addition to applying the simple shortcuts suggested by Siri, you can also use the Shortcuts application to add ready-made or custom shortcuts to your device. This program allows you to combine multiple steps into multiple programs to create powerful task automation.

OxygenOS should bring iOS-like shortcuts options

OnePlus has released an Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 update for some of its smartphones. And OxygenOS 13 adds new AI System Boost, Always On Display (AOD), Quality of Life Enhancement, Smart Launcher, Sidebar Toolbox, Hyperboost game engine, Spatial Sound, and more.

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There’s a new Always-On display as of now that works with Spotify and lets you control your music without having to unlock the phone or access apps, a move to update the existing Always-On display to show more text.

While being a OnePlus user who regularly makes efforts to create the event in calendar, transfer text from one app to another, create expense reports, and more every day and to do this I’ve to repeat the same process every day. That’s why I want an iOS-like shortcut option for my OxygenOS phone while doing the same thing every day.

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