Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta 2 is now available for OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T/7T Pro

Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta

Paranoid Android, a long-favored ROM loved by users, returned late last year with a version built on Android 12. The development is in full swing as the project is seeking support from fans. A few months back Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta 1 comes with its first beta build for a few devices alongside the OnePlus 9 smartphone.


Recently, Paranoid Android Sapphire has started receiving a second beta update that adds compatibility for three new OnePlus devices that is OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, and OnePlus 7T Pro. As part of a fundraising effort to keep development active — which seems like a success so far — the team has created a new website dedicated to downloading alpha and beta builds for their supported phones.

Change logs, download links, and more are hosted on the site, making it very easy to browse through and select the latest updates for your device. You can also open it directly to the matching post on the XDA forums for community support and feedback.

Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta

Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta 2

What’s New

  • Updated blobs
  • Fixed some camera issues
  • Wireguard kernel support
  • Fuse passthrough
  • Variable Refresh Rate drops to 60Hz on inactivity
  • Incremental file system

In addition to the features, the Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta 2 release also includes some device-specific changes that can be found in their respective XDA lineups. Note that due to different signing keys you need to do a clean flash when upgrading from the alpha build to this beta version.

If you’re still using the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T, you can now try out Android 12 with the new Paranoid Android Sapphire beta on your device. You can download the beta version thread linked below. Note that you will need to update your phone to OxygenOS Android 10.0. You will need to unlock its bootloader and install a custom recovery like TWRP before starting the installation.

Get Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta for OnePlus 5 & OnePlus 5T

Although this is a beta build, early adopters on our forums report that custom ROMs are daily driver stuff with no bugs or issues. Note that the ROM does not currently support the screen-off gesture on these devices.

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