Google Pixel 6 users to soon get At a Glance widget with a big update

Google Pixel 6

It’s been long since we heard about a new widget feature called- At a Glance widget, for the Google Pixel 6. Previously, the search giant officially teased it which made users more interested in them. Speaking of which, Android 12 is live now.

However, the older pixel devices are lacking some features, indicating that they might come anytime. Closely looking at the Android System Intelligence app, we have APK information (via 9to5Google) that hints, Google is bringing new At a Glance features to the Pixel 6 soon.

More precisely, the new At a Glance feature will enable some additional abilities in the existing one. Coming to the APK abstract, includes a new app integration for Google Pay or shopping list. Furthermore, the Fitness apps will show the “Safety Check” info synch with the Personal Safety app.

Google Pixel 6

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Google Pixel 6: At a Glance Widget

Despite all the above mention capabilities, the At a Glance Widget for Google Pixel 6 users let them see the approaching schedules on the Clock app such as bedtimes, workout time, etc. What’s more, is the timer and stopwatch information that appeared in the Android 12 beta release.

Moving ahead, the At a Glance Widgets will notify about the battery status of the other device connected with BT in Pixel 6. In addition, it’ll also work with smart doorbells like Nest Doorbell and will show video of the person who is ringing the bell at the entrance.

Last but not least, the new widget also informed about a reminder when the flashlight is turned on. Certainly, it’s a minor feature, which might be overlooked but it provides help for the people who are usually forgetful about the flashlight.

Now coming to the availability of the feature, they are like to be limited for the Pixel 6 smartphone. In case if Google plans to expand them, they might also send on the previous Pixel devices through the Android System Intelligence application.

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