Google Pixel 6/Pro gets mid-November update with fingerprint scanner issue fix

According to the latest report, Google today pushed the mid-November system update for Google Pixel 6/Pro. The size is 14.56MB, which fixes the fingerprint recognition problem.

After the launch of the Google Pixel 6/Pro smartphone, a large number of users reported that the fingerprint recognition sensor under the screen was not sensitive and had problems such as slow recognition speed.

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Moreover, there are also more serious bugs, which will cause the fingerprint recognition function to fail, and then the phone can be restored. Although Google did not specify the updated content in the update log, Verizon’s log stated that this update fixes the fingerprint recognition problem.

Previously, Google has stated that the reason for the slow recognition speed is that the mobile phone uses ” more advanced security algorithms .”

Another bug in the fingerprint recognition of the Pixel 6 series occurred after the phone’s battery was completely exhausted.

Once this happens, if the user recharges the phone to turn on the phone, the fingerprint recognition function will fail, and the phone can be repaired after emptying the phone and restoring the factory settings.

  • The updated version number of the Pixel 6/Pro Unlocked Edition is SD1A.210817.037
  • The updated version number of the Pixel 6/Pro Verizon version is SD1A.210817.037.A1

Moreover, Users can get the update in the phone settings>system>advanced>system update. In addition, it also supports downloading OTA cards and swiping package to update.

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