Qualcomm expects its Nuvia chip to enter consumer PCs in the year 2024

Qualcomm said that it may take two years to see Nuvia-based Qualcomm chips on consumer PCs, but it is progressing smoothly. On a recent investor conference call, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon explained that the company has recently made several designs wins with Snapdragon PCs.

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“Based on a large number of design wins to date, we expect an inflection point for Windows on Snapdragon PCs by 2024.” While Qualcomm’s design win is good news for the company, it has actually delayed Nuvia’s chip plans.

They originally planned to sample in August 2022, with a launch date of 2023, but the latest sampling plan appears to have been pushed back to 2023 before commercialization is completed in 2024.

Qualcomm Nuvia chipAccording to them, Qualcomm’s Nuvia-based processors, once launched, will compete with Arm chips such as Apple’s M1 and M2. Of course, the premise is that their design is really worthwhile for commercial use.

Earlier this year, Arm sued Qualcomm over chip designs based on Nuvia technology. At present, the lawsuit is still ongoing, claiming that Qualcomm violated the license agreement with Arm and infringed the trademark, so Arm asked Qualcomm to destroy Nuvia’s design.

Qualcomm also discussed the results of its current efforts. Amon highlighted AI capabilities recently demonstrated at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. “Our Snapdragon computing platform demonstrated game-changing AI capabilities at Microsoft’s Ignite 2022 developer conference that will redefine the Windows 11 user experience.”


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