[Public Beta] Realme UI 3.0 early access program starts for Realme GT Master Exploration Edition

UPDATE: Public Beta

Realme has begun releasing Realme UI 3.0 public beta update for Realme Master Exploration Edition. Users who participated in the early beta program can apply for this update.

Before you apply:

  1. The public beta version is slightly inferior to the official version in terms of stability, and is only for real fans who are interested in realme UI 3.0.
  2.  If you encounter a problem during the public beta experience, please go to the community app to upload the log (requires update the realme community app to version 2.4 and above), and report the problem in the help center.
  3. Make sure to update to the required version A.15.

How to Apply:

  • Open device Settings
  • Click on the Software Update 
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • Then, Trial Version
  • Submit your details
  • Tap on Apply Now option


Updated: November 24, 2021

The Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 early adopter version for Realme GT Master Exploration Edition has started, this is the third batch of recruitment, and the number of places is 1,500.


Updated: November 15, 2021

Realme has officially announced that the Realme UI 3.0 second batch of recruitment is about to open for the Realme GT Master Exploration Edition. Now, the quota for the early adopter registration is 1000. It is going to open on November 15, 2021, at 15:00. Once the quota is full, the registration channel will be automatically closed.


Original: November 11, 2021

Back in October, Realme started releasing Realme UI 3 update for its eligible devices. Based on the latest Android 12 OS, the latest version comes with a bunch of new features and optimizations for a seamless and smooth experience.



Now, the company has opened the Realme UI 3.0 early adopter version for Realme GT Master Exploration Edition. Currently, the registration is only open for the Chinese users of this device. Users of this device have the opportunity to experience the features of Realme UI 3.0 ahead of its official release.

However, 700 users people are recruited for this early adopter version, and the registration will be opened at 11:30 on November 11, and the registration will last until full.

Important Points: Read before you apply 

  1. This registration is only open to users of the GT Master Discovery Edition who are selling the version in China. Please pay attention to the official follow-up notice for other model adaptation plans.
  2. After the device is flashed into the early adopter version, the user data of the device will not be cleared, but we still strongly recommend that you back up the data before flashing: Settings -> Other Settings -> Backup and Recovery -> Backup and Recovery, select After the backup is completed, please copy the data to an external storage device for storage.
  3. Since some third-party applications are not yet compatible with Realme UI 3.0, please update all applications to the latest version in the software store before upgrading to the early adopter version. If there are still compatibility issues, it is recommended to wait patiently for subsequent updates to adapt.
  4. Please make sure that the phone has more than 10G internal storage space, otherwise, there is a risk of an upgrade failure. (Check storage space method: Settings>Other settings>Storage space).
  5. Please make sure that your mobile phone has no ROOT and the battery is above 60%.
  6. The memory expansion of the early adopter version is temporarily unavailable.

How to register?

  1. Phone settings-software update-gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2.  Click-upgrade and early adopters.
  3. Register after filling in the information and confirming the agreement.

Rollback method:

  1.  Open developer mode.
  2.  Settings-About phone-Software update-Upper right corner settings-Local installation.
  3. Select the fallback package-install

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